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ClueLess on Las Olas 2011

She Comes Undone, Death of a Socialite
ClueLess on Las Olas • Held on April 14, 2011

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The 16th annual ClueLess on Las Olas was a great event and a successful fund-raiser for Partners In Education, Inc. The Board of Directors and I wish to thank everyone for his or her participation. Once again it looked as thought the event might be rained out.  But although it may have been raining elsewhere in Broward, the night was beautiful on Las Olas Blvd. And thanks to all of you, ClueLess raised approximately $16,000 for the organization. These funds will be used to support school/business partnership efforts in Broward County Public Schools.

ClueLess on Las Olas Winners
First Place: Dave Hartmann, Pompano Beach
Second Place: Al Ebeling, Tampa
Third Place: Devin Norton, Weston


In 2010, school partnerships contributed $4.22 million to schools. This contribution includes all cash donations plus the value of donated goods and product, as well as the value of volunteer time. Please take a moment to visit the 2011 ClueLess Sponsor page for a list of the sponsors, food, drink, silent auction donors, and volunteers and organizations whose support is invaluable to the success of this event. Should the opportunity arise, please thank these businesses and organizations for their support of ClueLess on Las Olas. We could not do the event without their help.

Story Synopsis

The Silverado Centennial Roundup, marking Fort Lauderdale's 100th Anniversary, just ended. The four-hour, 1-5 p.m. event was the show-stopping gala of the season, with Comcast airing it live. Sixth Star Entertainment decorated the Riverside Hotel’s ballroom like an 1800’s western saloon. There was great music, fabulous fashions and best of all, a packed house of philanthropic heavy-hitters dropping buckets of cash for good causes. In attendance was a Who's Who of Broward's financial kings and queens including executives from Wheelabrator Technologies and Coventry Health Care.

Blaine Pennington, the biggest socialite in Broward and the organizer of the Silverado Centennial Roundup, had delivered the event of the season and was counting the auction receipts when she received a phone call. Unfortunately for Mrs. Pennington, she stepped into the foyer to take the call and never returned; within minutes of receiving the call, she was found dead in the foyer.

The Suspects

Tinsley Askor is a budding socialite and the Administrative Assistant for Pennington's non-profit fundraising arm, the Broward Angels Alliance. Word was that Blaine was treating Askor like her lackey, and that Tinsley was looking at other opportunities. Askor had been the main topic of Kevin Lane’s gossip blog talking about how badly Blaine Pennington treated her. There were even some pictures posted that showed Askor at work, dressed like a handyman complete with a tool belt…very embarrassing.

Chipp Bancroft is the President and CEO of The Crest, a fledging non-profit in Margate that focuses on child abuse prevention and substance abuse treatment. Like many old schoolers in the addiction business, Chipp has a sketchy past. Bancroft had benefited in more ways than one through the Broward Angels Alliance. Since meeting Mrs. Pennington in 2009, The Herald reported that The Crest received over $200,000 from Angels’ events. According to Tinsley, Blaine had recently cut Chipp off, both in the bedroom and from future funding for The Crest.

Penny Pennington is Blaine and Sir Thomas Pennington's only child. She is the richest and most tutored high school dropout and always ran with a tough crowd. Penny had been disinherited and was sent to The Crest to straighten up. Penny hated her mother, thought she made Joan Crawford look like Joan of Arc. Now maybe Sir Thomas will write Penny back into the will.

Sir Thomas Pennington is a distinguished gentleman. He had been a well-respected businessman for 40 of the past 41 years. The only blemish on his stellar career occurred last year when he speculated on condos in a new development on the River. Word was that he lost his entire fortune - $10 million. He’d heard the news of Blaine’s death. He had loved his wife unconditionally, but  with all her philandering, his love finally reached its limit. He had divorce papers in his inside jacket pocket. The papers had been signed today and only needed to be filed.

Sonny "Lazer" Dotel is a self-made, self-appointed socialite who seemingly fell from the sky. Dotel had been subtly developing the an organization called “Men on Boards,” whose mission is to place men on boards all over the non-profit landscape. Dotel’s plan is to be able to influence charitable giving to "masculine" programs that he oversees, like sports teams and boxing schools.

Brooke Madison is Sir Thomas’s stripper girlfriend. Blaine had some pictures that belonged to Brooke, pictures of Sir Thomas at a strip club with dollar bills in his mouth. Headline dancer that night, Brooke Madison. She calls him Daddy.

See the Answers to the Clues and Hints for the explanation of each.

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