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Community Involvement Awards -
Business Partners Honored for Contributions
to Broward Students

More than 40,000 volunteers, business partners and mentors volunteer their time and resources to support students and school activities throughout the school year. If you would like to get involved as a business partner, call 754-321-1974.

2014-15 Partnership of the Year Award Recipients

School-Based Partnership of the Year Project-Based Learning Award
Gulfstream Middle School with Memorial Healthcare System

Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) is a not forprofit hospital district that has been partnering with Broward County PublicSchools since 1983 as one of the original charter members of Partners InExcellence (now Partners In Education). MHS has been a partner of Gulfstream Middle School (GMS) for the past 4years and addresses the needs of our school a variety of ways, such as:  Academic Enrichment, Project BasedLearning, Physical Fitness and Health, Social Skill Development, CaseManagement, Individual and Family Counseling Services, Service LearningProjects, Leisure Clubs, and Special Events.

At Gulfstream Middle School our goal is toprovide Every Child with a world-class education Every Time.  Our partnership with the MemorialHealthcare System continues to grow. We allow them space for counseling and parenting classes in the evenings.

The Youth FORCE aftercare program attendancecontinues to see an average of 100-110 students on a daily basis. Academicenrichment is a critical component of the program and the staff continues tomeet with students on a monthly basis to ensure that students are meeting theiracademic goals by monitoring their grades, attendance, and behavior in personand on Virtual Counselor and Pinnacle. Students have the opportunity to participate in academic tutoring andcomplete homework on a daily basis. Students also have the opportunity for additional academic enrichment2-3 days per week by gaining an additional hour to work with certified teachersin the areas of Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Current Events, andTechnology.

By focusing on student achievement, wellness,innovation, parental involvement, community service and STEM enrichment, onequarter of the school population is able to participate in a free, high-qualityafter school and summer enrichment program that addresses the family andindividual behavioral and academic needs to foster success.  By leveraging a variety of communityresources, Memorial is able to work with the Gulfstream Middle School communityto enhance the program offerings to include snacks, meals, community service projects,healthy initiatives, parent training, and much more.

School-Based Partnership of the Year Donation of Cash or In-Kind Support Award
Apollo Middle School with Hispanic Unity

Through Hispanic Unity and the Unity 4 TeensYouth Development Program, Hispanic Unity functions as a support for all schoolinitiatives. Students who participate in the program receive homeworkassistance with certified teachers, physical fitness, preventive education,test preparation, technology literacy, project-based learning, STEMexperiences, and social development. Overall, Hispanic Unity offers bothfinancial and material support, and serves to promote the progress of at-riskyouth.

The partnership between Hispanic Unity andApollo has resulted in the development of a $75,000 STEM Learning Lab, improvedreading and math scores for students participating with homework assistance andtechnology-based programs, and acts as a tremendous service for parents in needof care for their children both before and after school. Over the last twoyears, 125 students have benefited from use of the Reading Plus program, and 67out of 100 students in 2013 showed gains in reading and math.

Hispanic Unity, through the provision of theUnity 4 Teens Youth Development Program, has increased the academic and socialcapacity of Apollo Middle School. Through true collaborative processes, thepartnership between Hispanic Unity and Apollo Middle School has created anenvironment of opportunity for at-risk students, ultimately improving theschool's capacity for all students.

School-Based Partnership of the Year Donation of Time Award
Hallandale High with Occupational Industrialization Center of South Florida

In an effort to increase the graduation rate of Hallandale HighSchool students, a partnership with the Occupational Industrialization Centerof South Florida was established. The partnership has assisted in reducing thepregnancy rate of students that attend Hallandale High School by 80%. Materialsfrom the “Reducing the Risk” and “Becoming a Responsible Teen” programs havealso had a positive impact on raising the self-esteem and well being of programparticipants.

Twice per week volunteers from theOccupational Industrialization Center of South Florida come into HallandaleHigh and they are treated as an extension of the Hallandale family. They comein with the goal of reaching the whole child beyond academics and whatgenerally happens at traditional high schools.  By delivering the Teen Pregnancy Prevention curriculumentitled PROJECT P.A.U.S.E: Prevent, Achieve, Understand, Succeed, Educate, Empowering Teens to MakeHealthy Choices, the ninth grade students at Hallandale High School are makingpositive choices for their lives.

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