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Community Involvement Awards -
Business Partners Honored for Contributions
to Broward Students

Volunteers, business partners and mentors volunteer their time and resources to support students and school activities throughout the school year. If you would like to get involved as a business partner, call 754-321-1974.

2015-16 Partnership of the Year Award Recipients

School-Based Partnership of the Year Project-Based Learning Award
Park Springs Elementary with the YMCA

The partnership between the YMCA and Park Springs Elementary has made a tremendous positive impact on our students and school community. This program has been tailored to meet each child's individual needs through their special program. The students have made academic gains in a curriculum based program. The academic focus of the YMCA utilizes programs that target literature, grammar and science. This curriculum aligns with state standards and enriches the educational experience for all participants.

The students have improved socially and they are happy and engaged. The YMCA focuses on positive behavior strategies and teaching students the skills that empower them to communicate their feelings. The children are included with our aftercare program to interact with peers and participate in special events. This program has helped the students develop their academic and social skills.

School-Based Partnership of the Year Donation of Cash or In-Kind Support Award
Collins Elementary School with O.R. Colan and Associates

O.R. Colan's partnership with Collins Elementary enhances student achievement of school and District goals through vital support of academic programs and activities; and contributes to the well-being of students by providing for basic needs. Specifically, O.R. Colan provides program materials and student incentives for reading, FCAT Camp, and after-school homework assistance programs. A food and clothing bank, funded by this partner, assists with nutrition/wellness issues.

Collins Elementary has been an A School, ranked #1 in the District and State for schools of similar demographics; and SES Band data rank our students 5th in the state of Florida for math achievement and 31st in Florida for reading, with a 91% FCAT writing score. O.R. Colan Associates is an outstanding partner to Collins Elementary primarily because of Catherine Colan Muth (CEO) who is the partnership liaison. Ms. Muth believes that academic success cannot happen if students lack basic necessities. She also understands that student success is not possible without great teachers and staff; and therefore regularly demonstrates appreciation and support. Catherine Muth is the greatest benefactor of the Annual Collins Academic Awards Banquet, which recognizes high-achieving Collins Elementary students.

School-Based Partnership of the Year Donation of Time Award
Hollywood Central Elementary School and the Hollywood Police Department

Time. That is what the police officers of the Hollywood Police Department have given so generously to the students of Hollywood Central Elementary.

Whether it was Shop With a Cop, delivering of gifts and food over the holidays, GREAT classes, mentoring or reading with our students, the Hollywood Police Department has been an outstanding partnership.

The time they have given has truly impacted the students in very positive ways. The children gain a sense of importance. They are so proud that someone, especially a police officer, is on our school campus to see and spend time with them. Not all children have healthy strong role models in their lives. The students see Police Officers as important people so they are also role models for the students. In the time the officers spend with the students they are able to guide them in making positive choices, they give them the opportunity to have a voice; to ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings. There is a special bond that is formed in the time spent with face to face interaction.

There is no way to measure the impact the time spent with the Officers of the Hollywood Police Department has on our students. It can only be seen in the way their faces light up when officers arrive to see the students, and that is PRICELESS.

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